OLIF Inflection Classes for EN; date:16:36 26.02.2001
Part-of-speech Inflects Like Description Code
noun book book, books 16
noun box box, boxes 17
noun family family, families 18
noun knife knife, knives 19
noun addendum addendum, addenda 21
noun nebula nebula, nebulae 22
noun stimulus stimulus, stimuli 23
noun crisis crisis, crises 24
noun perihelion perihelion, perihelia 25
noun woman woman, women 26
noun series invariable, series, series 27
noun sheep invariable, sheep, sheep 28
noun NATO acronym, NATO 29
noun upstairs singular only, upstairs 43
noun fish fish, fish (fishes) 128
noun lb. abbreviation, lb.,lbs. 129
noun produce singular only, produce 130
noun motto motto, mottoes (mottos) 144
noun aquarium aquarium, aquariums (aquaria) 145
noun curriculum curriculum, curricula (curriculums) 146
noun fungus fungus, fungi (funguses) 147
noun phenomenon phenomenon, phenomena (phenomenons) 148
noun automaton automaton, automatons (automata) 149
noun foot foot, feet 150
noun leaf leaf, leaves 151
noun scarf scarf, scarfs (scarves) 152
noun beef beef, beeves (beef) 153
noun terminus terminus, terminuses (termini) 154
noun calix calix, calices 155
noun helix helix, helixes (helices) 156
noun matrix matrix, matrices (matrixes) 157
noun auspex auspex, auspices 158
noun apex apex, apexes (apices) 159
noun cortex cortex, cortices (cortexes) 160
noun lex lex, leges 161
noun sphinx sphinx, sphinxes (sphinges) 162
noun pharynx pharynx, pharynges, pharynxes 163
noun medium plural takes sing or pl verb, medium, media (mediums) 164
noun lowlife lowlife, lowlifes (lowlives) 165
noun equipment singular only; singular in essence or want to suppress plural, equipment 166
noun clothes plural only, clothes 167
noun gens gens, gentes 168
noun genus genus, genera 169
noun child child, children 170
noun gravamen gravamen, gravamens (gravamina) 171
noun imago imago, imagoes (imagines) 172
noun iris iris, irises (irides) 173
noun larva larva, larvae (larvas) 174
noun mouse mouse, mice (mouses) 175
noun Mussulman Mussulman, Mussulmen (Mussulmans) 176
noun money money, money (monies) 177
noun nomen nomen, nomina 178
noun cod cod, cod (cods) 179
noun bass bass, bass (basses) 180
noun buffalo buffalo, buffalos (buffaloes) 181
noun French singular and plural, people/language, no possessive, French 182
noun opus opus, opera (opuses) 183
noun ox ox, oxen 184
noun corpus corpus, corpora 185
noun dragoman dragoman, dragomans (dragomen) 186
noun pons pons, pontes 187
noun wharf wharf, wharves (wharfs) 188
noun quiz quiz, quizzes 189
noun bus bus, buses (busses) 190
noun oyez oyez, oyesses 191
noun edema edema, edemas (edemata) 192
noun addax addax, addaxes (addax) 197
noun die die, dice 198
noun data plural; plural used as singular and plural, data 199
noun agenda agenda, agendas 200
noun viscera plural only, plural not ending in -s, viscera 201
noun hiatus hiatus, hiatuses (haitus) 205
noun pelvis pelvis, pelvises (pelves) 224
noun ephemeris ephemeris, ephemerides 225
noun bureau bureau, bureaus (bureaux) 235
noun bacchant bacchant, bacchants (bacchantes) 236
noun fauna fauna, faunas (faunae 237
noun libretto libretto, librettos (libretti) 238
noun heathen heathen, heathens (heathen) 239
noun people plural, people (peoples) 240
noun albumen albumen, albumens 243
noun alkali alkali, alkalis (alkalies) 250
noun anlage anlage, anlages (anlagen) 251
noun cherub cherub, cherubim 252
noun lira lira, lire (lires) 253
noun antefix antefix, antefixes (antefixa) 254
noun kylix kylix, kylikes 255
noun pix pix, pics (pix) 256
noun madam madam, mesdames 257
noun magma magma, magmata (magmas) 258
noun cyclops cyclops, cyclopes 259
noun eupatrid eupatrid, eupatridae (eupatrids) 268
noun foramen foramen, foramina (foramens) 269
noun remex remex, remiges 270
noun sock sock, socks (sox) 271
noun flambeau flambeau, flambeaux (flambeaus) 272
noun leu leu, lei 273
noun lev lev, leva 274
noun grosz grosz, groszy 275
noun kibbutz kibbutz, kibbutzim 276
noun flamen flamen, flamens (flamines) 277
noun b letter of the alphabet, b, bs 288
noun trellis trellis, trellises 291
noun area area, areas 292
noun thymus thymus, thymuses 293
noun electron electron, electrons 294
noun suffix suffix, suffixes 295
noun annex annex, annexes 296
noun minx minx, minxes 297
noun tonneau tonneau, tonneaus cf 235, 272, 316 298
noun safe safe, safes 299
noun tariff tariff, tariffs 300
noun album album, albums 301
noun lb abbreviation lb 307
noun USA singular only, USA, USA's 308
noun b. letter of the alphabet b. 312
noun cattle plural only, cattle 314
noun poor plural only, poor 315
noun bateau bateau, bateaux 316
verb walk walk, walked, walking 1
verb rate rate, rated, rating 2
verb polish polish, polished, polishing, polishes 3
verb deny deny, denied, denying, denies 4
verb drop drop, dropped, dropping 5
verb hold hold, held, holding 6
verb leave leave, left, leaving 7
verb do do, did, done, doing, does 8
verb fly fly, flew, flown, flying, flies 9
verb cut cut, cut, cutting 10
verb die die, died, dying, dies 11
verb dye dye, dyed, dyeing 12
verb be be (only) 13
verb have have 14
verb freeze freeze, froze, frozen, freezing 15
verb teach teach, taught, teaching, teaches 40
verb dwell dwell, dwelt (dwelled), dwelling 44
verb bend bend, bent, bending 47
verb flee flee, fled, fleeing 51
verb keep keep, kept, keeping 58
verb deal deal, dealt, dealing 59
verb sell sell, sold, selling 60
verb read read, read, reading 61
verb meet meet, met, meeting 62
verb sting sting, stung, stinging 63
verb win win, won, winning 64
verb spin spin, spun, spinning 65
verb unwind unwind, unwound, unwinding 66
verb sit sit, sat, sitting 67
verb shine shine, shone (shined), shinning 68
verb slide slide, slid, sliding 69
verb show show, showed, shown (showed), showing 70
verb wake wake, woke (waked), waked (woken), waking 71
verb break break, broke, broken, breaking 72
verb choose choose, chose, chosen, choosing 73
verb bear bear, bore, borne (born), bearing 74
verb swear swear, swore, sworn, swearing 75
verb bite bite, bit, bitten (bit), biting 76
verb forget forget, forgot, forgotten (forgot), forgetting 77
verb tread tread, trod, trodden (trod), treading 78
verb blow blow, blew, blown, blowing 79
verb take take, took, taken, taking 80
verb forbid forbid, forbade (forbad), forbidden (forbid), forbidding (only) 81
verb give give, gave, given, giving 82
verb fall fall, fell, fallen, falling 83
verb eat eat, ate, eaten, eating 84
verb see see, saw, seen, seeing (only) 85
verb slay slay, slew, slain, slaying 86
verb ride ride, rode, ridden, riding 87
verb drive drive, drove, driven, driving 88
verb strike strike, struck, struck (stricken), striking 89
verb beat beat, beat, beaten (beat), beating 90
verb dive dive, dived (dove), dived, diving 91
verb thrive thrive, thrived (throve), thrived (thriven), thriving 92
verb begin begin, began, begun, beginning 93
verb sink sink, sank (sunk), sunk, sinking 94
verb ring ring, rang, rung, ringing 95
verb lead lead, led, led, leading 96
verb shrink shrink, shrank (shrunk), shrunk (shrunken), shrinking 97
verb come come, came, come, coming (only) 98
verb go go, went, gone, going (only) 99
verb lose lose, lost, losing (only) 100
verb hear hear, heard, hearing 101
verb say say, said, saying 102
verb traffic traffic, trafficked, trafficking 103
verb zinc zinc, zinced (zincked), zincing (zincking) 104
verb lie lie, lay, lain, lying two morphs 105
verb abide abide, abode (abided), abode (abided), abiding 106
verb light light, lighted (lit), lighted (lit), lighting 107
verb think think, thought, thinking 108
verb dream dream, dreamed (dreamt), dreamed (dreamt), dreaming 109
verb kneel kneel, knelt (kneeled), knelt (kneeled), kneeling 110
verb hang hang, hung, hanging 111
verb fight fight, fought, fighting 112
verb stand stand, stood, standing 113
verb broadcast broadcast, broadcast (broadcasted), broadcast (broadcasted), broadcasting 114
verb bid bid, bade (bid), bidden, bidding (only) two morphs 115
verb outbid outbid, outbid, outbidden (outbid), outbidding 116
verb speed speed, sped (speeded), sped (speeded), speeding 117
verb stink stink, stank (stunk), stunk, stinking 118
verb plead plead, pleaded (pled), pleaded (pled), pleading 119
verb write write, wrote, written (writ),writing 120
verb mow mow, mowed, mowed (mown), mowing 121
verb fit fit, fitted (fit), fitted, fitting 122
verb benefit benefit, benefited (benefitted), benefited (benefitted), benefiting (benefitting) 123
verb bet bet, bet (betted), bet (betted), betting 124
verb wed wed, wedded, wed (wedded), wedding 125
verb wet wet, wet (wetted), wet (wetted), wetting 126
verb bias bias, biased (biassed), biased (biassed), biasing (biassing) biasing (biassing) 127
verb gild gild, gilded (gilt), gilded (gilt), gilding 131
verb shoe shoe, shod, shod (shodden), shoeing 132
verb beseech beseech, besought (beseeched), besought (beseeched), beseeching 133
verb cleave cleave, cleft (cleaved) (clove), cleft (cleaved) (cloven), cleaving 134
verb forbear forbear, forbore, forborne, forbearing 135
verb caddie caddie, caddied, caddying 136
verb gas gas, gassed, gassing, gases (gasses) 137
verb degas degas, degassed, degassing, degasses (degases) 138
verb outgas outgas, outgassed, outgassing, outgasses 139
verb stymie stymie, stymied, stymieing (stymying) 140
verb input input, inputted (input), inputted (input), inputting 141
verb bless bless, blessed (blest), blessed (blest), blessing 142
verb taxi taxi, taxied, taxiing (taxying), taxies (taxis) 143
verb find find, found, finding; past is ambiguous with infinitive of another verb 206
verb overlie overlie, overlay, overlain, overlying; past is ambiguous with infinitive of another verb 207
verb rend rend, rent (rended), rent (rended), renting; past is ambiguous with infinitive of another verb 208
verb resend resend, resent, resending; past is ambiguous with infinitive of another verb 209
verb reeve reeve, reeved (rove), reeved (rove), reeving; past is ambiguous with infinitive of another verb 210
verb shoot shoot, shot, shooting 211
verb login defective verb, infinitive only, login 212
verb swell swell, swelled, swelled (swollen), swelling 213
verb diagram diagram, diagrammed (diagramed), diagramming (diagraming) 214
verb shear shear, sheared, sheared (shorn), shearing 215
verb shave shave, shaved, shaved (shaven), shaving 217
verb wrap wrap, wrapped (wrapt), wrapped (wrapt), wrapping 218
verb arc arc, arced (arcked), arced (arcked), arcing (arcking) 219
verb hide hide, hid, hidden, hiding, 220
verb weave weave, wove (weaved), woven, weaving 221
verb reave reave, reaved (reft), reaved (reft), reaving 222
verb lade lade, laded, laden (laded), lading 223
verb make make, made, making 226
verb slink slink, slunk (slinked), slunk (slinked), slinking 227
verb spit spit, spat (spit), spat (spit), spitting 228
verb strive strive, strove, striven (strided), striding 229
verb run run, ran, run, running 230
verb smite smite, smote, smitten (smote), smitting 231
verb bivouac bivouac, bivouacked, bivouacking, bivouacs (bivouacks) 232
verb blue blue, blued, bluing (blueing) 233
verb rendezvous no change for 3rd singular, rendezvous, rendezvoused, rendezvousing, rendezvous 234
verb antic antic, anticked (antict), anticked (antict), anticking 241
verb chide chide, chided (chid), chided (chid)(chidden), chiding 242
verb wedel wedel, wedeled, wedelling 244
verb work work, worked (wrought), worked (wrought), working 284
verb clothe clothe, clothed (clad) clothing 302
verb o.k. o.k., o.k.'d, o.k.'ing 303
verb buy buy, bought, bought, buying 304
verb rewrite rewrite, rewrote, rewritten, rewriting 305
verb focus focus, focused (focussed), focusing (focussing), focuses (fosusses) 306
verb overlay overlay, overlaid, overlaying; infinitive is ambiguous with past of another verb 313
verb ground ground, grounded, grounding; infinitive is ambiguous with past of another verb 317
verb bore bore, bored, boring; infinitive is ambiguous with past of another verb 318
verb saw saw, sawed (sawn), sawing; infinitive is ambiguous with past of another verb 319
verb grind grind, ground, grinding; past is ambiguous with infinitive of another verb 320
verb wind wind, wound, winding; past is ambiguous with infinitive of another verb 321
verb found found, founded, founding; infinitive is ambiguous with past of another verb 322
verb bind past is ambiguous with infinitive of another verb 323
adjective high high, higher, highest 30
adjective pale pale, paler, palest 31
adjective hot hot, hotter, hottest 32
adjective early early, earlier, earliest; no superlative 33
adjective natural natural, more natural, most natural 34
adjective good good and well, better, best; no superlative 35
adjective sly sly, slier (slyer), sliest (slyest) 39
adjective bad bad and ill, worse, worst (only) 202
adjective much much, more, most (only) 203
adjective little little, less, least (only) 204
adjective two numeric, two 216
adjective cagey cagey, cagier, cagiest 285
adjective far far, farther, farthest (only) 286
adjective far far, further, furthest (only) 287
adjective little little, few (only) 311
adverb far far, farther, farthest (only) 45
adverb soon soon, sooner, soonest 52
adverb late late, later, latest 53
adverb flat flat, flatter, flattest 54
adverb early early, earlier, earliest 55
adverb carefully carefully, more carefully, most carefully 56
adverb well well, better, best (only) 57
adverb much much, more, most (only) 193
adverb little little, less, least (only) 194
adverb badly badly, worse, worst (only) 195
adverb far far, further, furthest (only) 290
determiner/quantifier this this 41
determiner/quantifier that that 42
determiner/quantifier as much as much, as many 245
determiner/quantifier one one 247
determiner/quantifier two numbers two and higher 248
determiner/quantifier much much 249
determiner/quantifier six arithmates ending in -x, six 279
determiner/quantifier twenty numbers ending in -y, twenty 280
determiner/quantifier a a 289
numeric two arithmates 278
numeric six undifferentiated; end in -x 281
numeric twenty undifferentiated 282
pronoun I personal pronoun, I 36
pronoun this this 37
pronoun that that 38
pronoun I 1st person 46
pronoun yourself reflexive, yourself 48
pronoun my possessive pronoun 49
pronoun else else 246
pronoun they unique for 3rd plural 261
pronoun he it/he 262
pronoun she it/she 263
pronoun other other 264
pronoun itself itself 265
pronoun one one 266
pronoun much much and many in phrase how much, how many 267
pronoun all all 283
relative or interrogative pronoun who who 260
pronoun one one 309
relative or interrogative
pronoun much much, how much 310