OLIF Inflection Classes for ES; date:17:57 27.02.2001
Part-of-speech Inflects Like Description Code
noun casa plur. adds -s 52
noun edad plural adds -es 54
noun accin accent in the last syllable in the sing. but not in the plur. 56
noun crisis invariable 58
noun orden change from unaccented to accented, like orden 64
noun actriz ending in -z, plural in -ces 152
noun Calcuta singular only 165
noun nupcias plural only 166
noun imagen change from unaccented to accented, lilke imagen 288
noun hr. like hr. 301
noun medianoche medianoche 319
noun libro plural adds -s 51
noun papel plural adds -es 53
noun lpiz -z, plural in -ces 55
noun anlisis invariable 57
noun capitn accent in the last -a-, no accent in the plural 93
noun orden ending in -o%en, no accent in the singular, accent in the plural 150
noun len ending in -n, accent in the singular but not in the plural (variant of 093) 153
noun ingls ending in -+consonant (n, s), accent in the singular but not in the plural 154
noun vveres plural only 155
noun rgimen ending in -imen, accent shift in the plural 156
noun frac -c, plural in -ques 158
noun lord lord 159
noun aborigen ending in -iCen, no accent in the singular, accent in -- in the plural 160
noun desidertum -tum, plural in -ata 161
noun examen ending in -a%en, no accent in the singular, accent in -- in the plural 162
noun hiprbaton hiprbaton 163
noun micron micron 167
noun nix -nix, plural change x - c 168
noun boletn with --, no accent in the plural 169
noun Berln singular only 170
noun autobs ending in -+consonant (n, s, ...), no accent in the plural 171
noun bitumen ending in -u%en, accent in the plural, no accent in the singular 172
noun min. like min. 300
verb hablar regular in -ar 1
verb comer regular in -er 2
verb vivir regular in -ir; vowel change -u- > -o- (in 4 forms: 3 in the pres. ind. and 1 in the pres. imperative) 3
verb contar -ar, vowel changes -o- > -ue-; two past part. (restringido/restrito) 4
verb pagar -gar, consonant changes -g- > -gu-, no vowel change; like pat 1 5
verb colgar -gar, vowel changes -o- > -ue-, consonant changes -g- > -gu- 6
verb erguir -erguir 7
verb zurcir -cir, consonant changes -c- > -z- 8
verb elegir -egir, vowel changes -e- > -i-, consonant changes -g- > -j- 9
verb frer -frer, diphthong changes -e- > -i-, irregular inflected past participle in -frito (different from rer: pat 022) 10
verb morir -rir, vowel changes -o- > -ue- and -u- 11
verb deducir -cir, consonant changes -c- > -zc- and -j- 12
verb crecer -cer, consonant changes -c- > -zc- 13
verb leer -eer and -oer, vowel changes -e- > -ey- and -o- > -oy- 14
verb huir -uir, vowel changes -u- > -uy- 15
verb perder -er, vowel changes -e- > -ie-, present participles in -iente and -iendo 16
verb volver -olver, vowel changes -o- > -ue-, irregular past participle in -uelto 17
verb cocer -cer, vowel changes -o- > ue-, consonant changes -c- > -z- 18
verb discernir -ir, vowel changes -e- > -ie- 19
verb servir -ir, vowel changes -e- > -i- 20
verb taer -er and -ller, irregular preterit in - and -eron 21
verb rer -rer, diphthong changes -e- > -i- and --, regular past participles (different from frer: pat 010) 22
verb andar -andar, changes -d- > -duv- 23
verb caber -caber, changes cap- > cup-, some tenses require quep- as a stem 24
verb caer -aer, requires stem in -ig- 25
verb dar dar 26
verb decir -decir, irregular past participle ending in -dicho 27
verb estar estar 28
verb haber haber 29
verb hacer -hacer, past participle in -hecho 30
verb ir ir 31
verb or -or, requires stem in -ig- 32
verb poder poder 33
verb poner -poner 34
verb querer -querer 35
verb saber -saber 36
verb salir -salir 37
verb ser ser 38
verb tener -tener; vowel change -o- > -u- (in 10 forms: 1st p. sing. pres. ind. and its derived forms) 39
verb traer -traer; two past part. (cobrido/coberto) 40
verb valer -valer 41
verb venir -venir, present participles in -iniente and -iniendo; change -g- > -j- 42
verb ver ver; two past part. (repelido/repulso) 43
verb romper romper (see 134 for corromper) 44
verb cubrir -brir, irregular past participle in -bierto; change -g- > -j- 45
verb reunir -reunir, vowel changes -u- > -- due to diphthong; -qu- > -c- 46
verb gruir -ir and -llir (-air; -iir) 47
verb podrir -podrir; vowel changes -o- > -u- 48
verb reir -eir, vowel changes -e- > -i-; similar to pat 43 49
verb rociar -iar and -uar, vowel changes -i- > -- and -u- > --; like pat 3 50
verb prever ver with a prefix, accent in the preterit; inflected present participle in -vidende (var. of pat 043) 91
verb cerrar -ar, vowel changes -e- > -ie- 92
verb dirigir -gir, consonant changes -g- > -j- 94
verb bendecir decir with a prefix, regular past participle ending in -decido 95
verb proveer like proveer 96
verb sujetar -ar, irregular past participle in -o (sujeto),adjective-like past part. 97
verb calzar -calzar 98
verb confundir confundir 99
verb seguir -seguir, vowel changes -e- > -i-, consonant changes -gu- > -g- 101
verb estupefacer -facer, past participle in -facto 102
verb averiguar -guar, vowel changes -u- > -- 118
verb lanzar -zar, stem changes z- > -c- 119
verb lucir -lucir, consonant changes-c- > -zc- 120
verb doler -er, vowel changes -o- > -ue- 121
verb oler oler 122
verb describir -ribir, irregular past participle in -rito (descrito) 123
verb imprimir -imir, irregular past participle in -eso (impreso) 124
verb almorzar -zar, consonant changes -z- > -c-, vowel changes -o- > -ue- (var 0f 006) 125
verb empezar -zar, consonant changes -z- > -c-, vowel changes -e- > -ie- 126
verb segar -gar, vowel changes -e- > -ie- (cf. 006) 127
verb trocar -car, consonant changes -c- > -qu-, vowel changes -o- > -ue- (cf. 006) (var of 006) 128
verb jugar -ugar, vowel changes -u- > -ue- (var. of 006) 129
verb distinguir -guir (var. of 008) 130
verb asir -asir, stem changes -s- > -sg- (var. of 008) 131
verb delinquir -quir, stem changes -q- > -c- (var. of 008) 132
verb embar -ar, vowel changes -- > -i- (var. of 015) 133
verb corromper corromper (var. of 044) 134
verb adquirir -irir, vowel changes -i- > -ie- (var. of 019 - change stem 3 - 2) 135
verb dormir -ir, vowel changes -o- > -ue- (var. of 019) 136
verb agorar -ar, vowel changes -o- > -e- (var. of 004) 137
verb errar errar (var. of 004) 138
verb desosar desosar and desovar, stem changes -o- > -hue- (var. of 004) 139
verb avergonzar -zar, vowel changes -o- > -e-, consonant changes -z- > -c- (var. of 006) 140
verb proteger -ger, consonant changes -g- > -j- 141
verb vencer -encer and -ercer, consonant changes -c- > -z- (var. of 013) 142
verb argir -ir, diphthong changes -i- > -uy- 143
verb prender regular with alternate past participle (preso/prendido) (var. of 002) 144
verb suspender regular with alternate past participle (suspendido/suspenso) (var. of 002) 145
verb yacer -yacer, consonant changes -c- > -zg- (var. of 013) 147
verb satisfacer satisfacer 164
verb convenir -venir, present participles in -eniente and -iniendo (var. of 042) 252
verb sorprender -e/o?er, present participles in -ente and -iendo (var. of 002) 253
verb sentir -ir, vowel changes -e- > -ie- and -i- 256
verb resolver -solver, present participles in -ente and -iendo 257
verb remitir -ir, present participles in -ente and -iendo 258
verb ascender -cender, vowel changes -e- > -ie-, present participles in -ente and -iendo 259
verb convencer -vencer, consonant changes -c- > -z-, inflected present participle in -vincente 260
verb efervescer - -escer, consonant changes -c- > -zc-, present participles in -ente and -iendo 261
verb expedir - -expedir, vowel changes -e- > -i-, present participles in -expediente and -expidiendo 262
verb competir - -competir, vowel changes -e- > -i-, present participles in -ente and -iendo 263
verb atacar - -car, consonant changes -c-> -qu-, no vowel changes 282
verb absorber - -e/oCer, present participles in -ente and -iendo (var. of 002), adjective-like past part 289
verb abducir - -cir, consonant changes -c- > -zc- and -j-, adjective-like past part. in abducto 291
verb circuncidar -like circuncidar, adjective-like past part in circunciso, 292
verb dispersar -like dispersar, adjective-like past part in disperso 293
verb incidir like incidir, adjective-like past part in inciso 294
verb matar -matar, adjective-like past part. in muerto 295
verb manifestar - -ar, vowel changes -e- > -ie-, adjective-like past part. In manifiesto 296
verb pudrir -like pudrir, adjective-like past part. in putrefacto 297
verb convertir - -ir, vowel changes -e- > -ie- and -i-, adjective-like past part. in converso 298
verb prohibir - -ohibir, -ohi- ---> -oh-, like prohibir 317
determiner/quantifier bastantes plural like bastante 303
determiner/quantifier cualquier like cualquier 304
determiner/quantifier aquellos demonstrative, like aquellos 316
conjunction con uninflected 290
numeric ciento like ciento 305
numeric uno uno 314
pronoun ste demonstrative, like ste 73
pronoun uno indefinite, like uno 74
pronoun cualquiera indefinite, like cualquiera 75
pronoun ninguno indefinite, like ninguno 78
pronoun aqul demonstrative, like aqul 81
pronoun me reflexive, like me 83
pronoun yo 1st person singular, like yo 107
pronoun nosotros 1st person plural, like nosotros 108
pronoun l 3rd person masculine singularr, like l 109
pronoun ellos 3rd person plural (masc. and fem.), like ellos 110
pronoun ella 3rd person feminine singular, like ella 111
pronoun l 3rd person singular (masc. and fem.), like l 112
pronoun usted 2nd person 115
pronoun m tonic (after preposition) - all, like m 116
pronoun dos uninflected 205
pronoun t 2nd person singular, informal, like t 231
pronoun unos indefinite plural, like unos 281
pronoun bastante quantifier, like bastante 283
pronoun yo personal pronoun singular and pl 302
pronoun un like un 311
relative/interrogative pronoun quien relative, like quien 82
relative/interrogative pronoun quin interrogative, like quin 146
relative/interrogative pronoun cunto interrogative, like cunto 254
relative/interrogative pronoun cualquiera distributive, like cualquiera 286
relative/interrogative pronoun cuntos interrogative plural, like cuntos 287