OLIF Inflection Classes for FR; date:16:36 26.02.2001
Part-of-speech Inflects Like Description Code
noun bontÈ uninflected plural only, les archives; sing and plural same, la/les noix 114
noun porte singular and plural la porte / les portes) 119
noun eau plural ends in -x, les eaux, les peaux 145
noun madame irregular plural; madame / mesdames 165
noun lady like lady, ladies 207
noun chapeau plural in -x (e.g. tuyaux, manteau) and some words ending in -ou (e.g. cailloux) 99
noun journal plural with stem change (-al -> -aux); le journal/les journaux 100
noun permis uninflected, sing only le/les faire-part, plural only les archives, same in sing and pl le/les nez 113
noun livre sing and pl-le livre/les livres 120
noun monsieur irregular plural,le monsieur/les messieurs 140
noun bail plural with stem change 'ail -> aux'(e.g. le bail/les baux) 148
noun oeil irregular plural: l'oeil/les yeux 151
noun quantum latin plural; -um ->a 183
noun caddy masc noun of English origin: caddy ->caddies 184
noun manger uninflected, singlular only, like manger 214
verb Ítre Ítre 1
verb avoir avoir 2
verb parler Regular ending in -ER (no change in root before -ER): parler (default) 3
verb mener Reg. with vowel change (-e -> -Ë before an unstressed syllable, ex: mener/ je mËne) 4
verb cÈder Reg. with vowel change (-È -> -Ë before an unstressed syllable, ex: cÈder/je cËde) 5
verb avancer Reg. with consonant change (-c -> -Á before -a and -o, ex: avancer/avanÁons, avanÁait) 6
verb manger Reg. with addit. vowel -e after -g before -a and -o (manger/mangeons, mangeais) 7
verb appeler Reg. with double cons. (-l -> -ll, -t -> -tt) before an unstressed syll. (ex: jeter / je jette) 8
verb protÈger Reg. with additional -e before -a and -o and vowel change (È -> Ë): protÈger 9
verb envoyer Reg. with vowel change (-y -> -i) before an unstressed syllable (ex: envoyer / il envoie) 10
verb aller Irreg. with suppletion (root change -> all-, v-, ir-, aill-, ex: allaient, vont, iront, aillent) 11
verb partir Irreg. in -ir with shortened stem (cons. deleted before the ending (je pars, elle sert)) 12
verb finir Reg. ending in -ir (2 stems: fini-, finiss- ex: finis, finissez, finira) 13
verb venir Irreg. in -ir with vowel change (-ien, -ienn, -en, -in) and cons. add (-d) in fut.and cond. 14
verb rapiÈcer Reg. with vowel change (as 05 CŠDER) and cons. change (as 06 AVANCER) 15
verb inclure Irreg. in -re, past participle in -us 16
verb acquÈrir Irreg. in -ir with vowel change (-Èr, -er, -ier, -iËr) and shortened stem (acquit, acquerra) 17
verb ouvrir Irreg. in -ir with reg. ending (il ouvre) and irreg. ending (il ouvrit) and irreg. stem (ouvert) 18
verb gÈsir Irreg. in -ir, defective verb, only pres. and imperf. indic. and pres. past (il gÓt, gisant) 19
verb tressaillir Irreg. in -ir (as 18 OUVRIR) with regular past part. (assaillir, assaille, assailli) 20
verb accroire defective verb - infinitive form only 21
verb dÈpecer Reg. in -er with vowel change (e -> Ë) and cons. change (c -> Á) 22
verb cueillir Irreg. in -ir (as 18 OUVRIR) (cueille, cueilli) fut. and cond. as -er verb (cueillera) 23
verb courir Irreg. in -ir, past part. in -u (il court, il courra, couru, courant) 24
verb mourir Irreg. in -ir, vowel change (-ou -> -eu before an unstr. syll., mourir/meurs) past. part. 'mort' 25
verb fuir Irreg. in -ir with vowel change (i -> y) before a stressed syllable (fuit, fuyons) 26
verb vÍtir Irreg. in -ir (3rd pers. pres. indic. -> vÍt 27
verb devoir Irreg. in -oir with vowel pattern (-e, -oi, -u): devoir; past part in 'š' 28
verb recevoir Irreg. in -oir; cons. change (c -> Á before -o, -u) and vowel change (-oi, -e, -u) 29
verb voir Irreg. in -oir with vowel change (voi-t, voy-iez, vi-t, v-u), stem change (ver-ra) 30
verb pourvoir Irreg. in -oir with vowel change (-oi, -oy, -u) (pourvois, pourvoyions, pourvu) 31
verb pouvoir Irreg. in -oir, stem change (pour-ra), vowel change (peux, pouvons, put, puissions), no imperat. 32
verb savoir Irreg. in -oir with stem and vowel change (savoir, sait, saurait, sache, su) 33
verb prÈvoir Irreg. in -oir with vowel change (prÈvoit, prÈvoyons, prÈvit, prÈvu) (fut. prÈvoira) 34
verb pleuvoir Irreg. in -oir, impersonal verb (only 3rd pers) no imperative, with vowel change (-eu, -u) 35
verb falloir Irreg. ending in -oir, impersonal, no imperative, stem change (faut, faudra, fallait, faille); -uÒir - see 049 for -eÒir) 36
verb valoir Irreg. in -oir, stem and vowel change (vaut, valait, vaudra, vaille), 37
verb prÈvaloir Irreg. in -oir (as 37 VALOIR) pres subj 'prÈvale' 38
verb vouloir Irreg. in -oir, vowel change (vouloir, veut, veuille) stem change in fut and cond (voudra) 39
verb asseoir Irreg. in -oir, vowel change (assied, asseyait, assit, assiÈra) 40
verb surseoir Irreg. in -oir with vowel change before a stressed syll. (sursoit, sursoyait) 41
verb choir Irreg. in -oir, defective verb (usual are inf. pres. ind., past. part) 42
verb dÈchoir Irreg. in -oir, defective verb (no imperf indic, imperat, pres part), vowel pattern: -oi, -oy, -u 43
verb Èchoir Irreg. in -oir, defective verb (3rd pers only), no imperative 44
verb haÔr Reg. in -ir, stem change (-ai , -aÔ) 45
verb ouÔr Irreg. in -ir, defective verb (usual are infinitif, pres and past part) 46
verb rendre regular -re verb (3rd pers pres indicat without ending; il rend) no stem change 47
verb prendre Irreg. in -dre, stem change (prends, prenons, prennent, pris) no ending 3rd pers sing pres ind 48
verb joindre Irreg. in -indre with stem change (joindre, joint, joins, joigne) 49
verb absoudre Irreg. in -dre, defect verb (no pret, imperf subj), stem change (-olv) 2 past part (-ous, -oute) 51
verb rÈsoudre Irreg. in -dre, stem change (rÈsous, rÈsolvons, rÈsoudrons, rÈsolu) 52
verb sourdre Irreg. in -dre, defective verb (only infinitif and 3rd pers pres indic (il sourd, ils sourdent) 53
verb moudre Irreg. in -dre, stem change (moudre/moulu, coudre/cousu), no ending: 3rd pers sing pres ind 54
verb rompre Irreg. in -re, pret in -i, past part in -u (il rompt, il rompi, rompu) 55
verb faire Irreg. in -re, stem and vowel change, (fait, font, fit, fera, fasse) 56
verb taire Irreg. in -re, vowel pattern (-ai, -u, ex: il se tait, il se sont tus) 57
verb traire Irreg. in -re, traire and comp are defect verb( no pret and imperf subj) vowel pattern (-ait, -ayi 58
verb plaire Irreg. in -re, vowel pattern (plait, plut), past part invariable (ils se sont plu) 59
verb clore Irreg. in -re, defect verb (no imperf, pret, imperf subj...) 60
verb enclore Irreg. in -re, defect verb (no imperf indic and subj, no pret) 61
verb Ècrire Irreg. in -re, stem change (Ècrire, -ivons, -it), past part -it 62
verb lire Irreg. in -re, stem change (il lit, nous lisons, il lira, lu) 63
verb dire Irreg. in -re (2nd pers plur pres indic: vous dites) 64
verb circoncire Irreg. in -re (as 62 conduire), past part -is 65
verb mÈdire Irreg. in -re (as 64 dire), past part -it, (pres indic; vous mÈdisez) 66
verb confire Irreg. in -re, stem change (confire, confisons, confit), past part -it 67
verb suffire Irreg. in -re (as 67 CONFIRE) past part -i (suffi) 68
verb rire Irreg. in -re, stem change (rire, rions), past part -i 69
verb frire Irreg. in -re, defective verb (only: inf, pres indic (sing forms), past part (-it) 70
verb bruire Irreg. in -re, defective verb (stem 2 bruyait is obsolete) new forms -issait, -issant (as 13 FINIR) 71
verb luire Irreg. in -re, (as 62 CONDUIRE), past part -i (invariable) 72
verb nuire Irreg. in -re, (as 62 CONDUIRE) past part -i (no feminin) 73
verb battre Irreg. in -re, (sing pres indic -> only one -t (je bats, il bat) past part -u (battu) 74
verb mettre Irreg. in -re, (sing pres indic only one -t (je mets, il met)) stem change (il mit) past part -is 75
verb croÓtre Irreg. ending in -re, stem change (croÓs, croissais, croÓtra, cršt (no -Ó before -ss)) 76
verb naÓtre Irreg. in -re, stem change (naÓtre, naissons, naquit) past part -È (nÈ) 77
verb connaÓtre Irreg. in -re, stem change (-aÓtre, -aÓt, -aissons, -ut) past part -u (connu) 78
verb paÓtre Irreg. in -re (defective verb, no preterit) stem change (as 78 CONNA‘TRE) past part -u 79
verb conclure Irreg. in -re, past part -u 80
verb vaincre Irreg. in -re, stem change (il vainc (without -t), nous vainquons, vaincu, vainquant) 81
verb suivre Irreg. in -re, consonant lost in pres indic sing (je suis, il suit), past part -i 82
verb vivre Irreg. in -re, stem change (vivre, il vit, il vÈcut) past part vÈcu, pres part vivant 83
verb boire Irreg. in -re, stem change (boire, boit, boivent, buvons, but) past part -u 84
verb croire Irreg. in -re, stem change (je crois, nous croyons, on crut) past part cru, pres part croyant 85
verb seoir Irreg. in -oir, defective verb (only 3rd pers (sied, siera), and pres and past part (sis, seyant)) 86
verb aboyer Verb in -ayer, -oyer, uyer. Regular ER endings, stem changes. Use endings from PAT 4. 102
verb servir servir 106
verb accroÓtre Irreg. in -re, stem change (-oi, -u) past part -u 107
verb dÈlÈguer Reg in -er, with vowel change (as 05 CŠDER), 2 pres part (-guant, -gant(-e-s)) 115
verb dormir Irreg. in -ir with shortened stem (je dors), past part without changes (intr) 121
verb recroÓtre Irreg. in -re (as 107 ACCRO‘TRE) past part -š 122
verb fatiguer Regular ER verb (03) ending in -guer with present participle in -guant and verbal adjective in -gant 124
verb adhÈrer Verb with vowel change (È to Ë, pat 05) and verbal adjective in -ent 125
verb converger Regular ER verb ending in -ger (pat 07) with verbal adjective in -ent 126
verb Èquivaloir Irreg. in -oir, (as 37 VALOIR), 2 pres part (-ant, -ent(-e-s)) past part feminin invariable 127
verb convaincre Irreg. in -re, stem change (as 81 VAINCRE), verbal adjective in -cant 128
verb arguer Reg in -er, with diphthong (-uer, -uÎs, -uÔons, -uÔez) 129
verb mouvoir mouvoir - past participle masculine form with the accent (mš); from old 28 141
verb Èmouvoir Èmouvoir, promouvoir - past participle with no accent in masculine (Èmu); from old 28 142
verb coudre coudre was in pat 54, new pat had to be created to accommodate stem differences with moudre 143
verb conduire conduire 144
verb maudire maudire conjugates like finir with past participle maudit, ite; was originally assigned to pat 64 146
verb communiquer Regular ER verb (03) ending in -quer with present participle in -quant and verbal adjective in -cant 147
verb bouillir bouillir, bouillant, bouilli, je bous, je bouillis, a variant of 12 185
adjective grand regular adj, no stem change (grand, grands, grande, grandes) 87
adjective facile adj, masculine and feminine forms are the same, also noun used adjectively in masc form only (compresseur) 88
adjective destructeur destructeur, destructrice 89
adjective heureux heureux, heureuse 90
adjective gris adj, no change in masc sing and plural 91
adjective amical adj, irregular form in masc plur (masc: -al, -aux, fem: -ale, -ales) 92
adjective beau beau, belle, beaux, belles, bel 93
adjective aigu aigu, aig¸e 103
adjective dš, due, dus, dues 104
adjective bel bel in preposed adjective noun phrases 109
adjective enchanteur enchanteur, enchanteresse 117
adjective fol fol in preposed adjective noun phrases 138
adjective vieil vieil in preposed adjective noun phrases 149
adjective bas regular; double final consonant 152
adjective frais frais, fraÓche 153
adjective exprËs exprËs, expresse 154
adjective absous absous absoute 155
adjective faux faux, fausse 156
adjective vieux vieux, vieille, vieil 157
adjective doux doux, douce 158
adjective actif actif, active 159
adjective tout tout, toute, tous, toutes 161
adjective ancien adjective, double last consonant + 'e': ancien, anciennev 162
adjective complet complet, complËte 163
adjective cajoleur cajoleur, cajoleuse; unaccented superlative 164
adjective grec grec, grecque 166
adjective sec sec, sËche 167
adjective public public, publique 168
adjective long long, longue 169
adjective favori favori, favorite 170
adjective malin malin, maligne 171
adjective fou fou, folle, fol 172
adjective esquimau esquimau, esquimaude 173
adjective standard Adjective invariable, mostly nounin apposition; cf. 191 174
adjective blanc blanc, blanche 175
adjective bref bref, brËve 176
adjective tiers tiers, tierce 177
adjective andalou andalou, andalouse 178
adjective traÓtre traÓtre, traÓtresse 179
adjective hÈbreu hÈbreu, hÈbraÔque 180
adjective grande feminine adjective in noun phrase 186
adjective un un (singular only) 202
adjective demi demi 210
adjective er ordinal (1st) 213
determiner/quantifier le definite article, one plural form (masc sing: le/l', fem sing: la, plur: les) 94
determiner/quantifier ce adj demonstrative 95
determiner/quantifier mon possessive adjective, like mon 96
determiner/quantifier notre adj possessive plural (notre, nos, votre, vos) 97
determiner/quantifier leur possessive adjective, like leur 112
determiner/quantifier un indefinite 130
determiner/quantifier tout Indefinite, tout 181
determiner/quantifier un Arithmate 188
determiner/quantifier quelque quelque 193
determiner/quantifier quel quel 194
determiner/quantifier soit soit (in phrase quel que soit les) 198
determiner/quantifier certain Indefinite,like certain 199
determiner/quantifier divers Indefinite, plural only 204
determiner/quantifier son son 205
determiner/quantifier trois trois 206
determiner/quantifier un un tel 209
numeric un like un 212
pronoun il all pronoun forms 98
pronoun lequel Pronoun, (interrogative: lequel) 101
pronoun chacun indefinite pronoun, only sing 105
pronoun me personal 108
pronoun lui intensive, like moi-mÍme 110
pronoun lui like lui-mÍme 118
pronoun le used in phrases 123
pronoun je personal pronoun, 1st person sing 133
pronoun il personal pronoun, 3rd masculine 134
pronoun elle personal pronoun, elle 135
pronoun ils personal pronoun, ils, elles 136
pronoun il personal pronoun; 3rd person 137
pronoun tu personal pronoun, 2nd pers sing 139
pronoun celui celui 160
pronoun tout tout, toute, tous, toutes 182
pronoun un un 187
pronoun celui-ci celui-ci 189
pronoun celui-lý celui-lý 190
pronoun nous nous and vous 191
pronoun autre autre 192
pronoun certains certains 195
pronoun particulier particulier 196
pronoun quel quel 197
pronoun uns quelques-uns 200
pronoun moins uninflected, like moins 203
pronoun un un tel 208
pronoun ce ce 211
relative/interrogative pronoun qui qui 116
relative/interrogative pronoun qui qui (non-human) 131
relative/interrogative pronoun qui ce qui 132
relative/interrogative pronoun quel quel 201